Our solutions are centered around the central theme of achieving more online. We do this by providing business advancing online solutions: solutions that help your business perform more efficient, address a new target group, and/or better retain existing customers.

Digital marketing solutions

    • Website design and implementation with WordPress
    • Brand identity design
    • Alibaba, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. presense
    • AdWords implementation and monitoring
    • Google Analytics planning, implementation and reporting
    • On page analytics, including heatmaps, paths, surveys
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • User experience testing
    • Multi channel content strategy
    • Content calendar / planning
  • Whether you already know what you want or would like our creative input, we’ll make a website that your customers will like.

    We use state of the art open source content management systems like WordPress. For eCommerce sites we generally use WooCommerce unless specific needs suggest otherwise.

    We want websites to stay alive with regularly updated content. Therefore we’ll train you to manage the content of the website yourself and we’ll always be there to help in case you need it.

  • Gain insight in your visitors by seeing exactly what they are doing on your website.

    With heatmaps, scrollmaps, paths, surveys and other tools we turn speculation into fact and help you find bottlenecks in your website conversion funnel.

    Heatmaps show where users focus their attention

  • To achieve the most online, you need to be present everywhere. Or at least on the channels that matter.

    We’ll help you determine those channels for your business and to find the best way to use each channel in such a way that it enhances your overall online presence.

    We’ll either advise you how to or manage this for you.

Management solutions

    • Digital strategy formation
    • Content strategy workshop
    • Digital marketing training
    • Capability mapping
    • Management consultancy
    • Digital marketing organization audit
    • Independent tender / quotation assessment
    • Business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • Based on your business objectives we shape your digital strategy in such a way that it fully utilizes your organization’s capacity and budget. 

  • In this half day or full day workshop we translate your digital strategy into a consistent content strategy based on your objectives, target groups, desired behaviors and other inputs. We do this through a step-by-step content strategy ‘game’.

  • We assess your existing digital marketing organization and tell you what and how you can improve. We use a methodology where we assess the strategy from both a strategic perspective and an operational perspective.

    The result is a flying (re)start in competing with other companies in the online arena.

  • Some of the technobable you might encounter when dealing with digital agencies might be a bit overwhelming. We don’t like it either, but we happen to know what they are talking about and can tell you what makes sense, what does not and what might be missing.


  • Would you like to completely outsource (parts) of your digital marketing organization? No problem. Contact us to discuss the options.


Technical services

  • Plugin installation and configuration
  • Website style changes
  • Content entry and change service
  • WordPress customization and bug fixes
  • Website speed improvement
  • Website SEO audit and improvement plan

Contact us to find out how we can help your organization achieve more online.